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Mission of GWTP

Mission of GWTP

Gangwon Technopark is the unique 1TP 3-base type of technology park int the country focusing on rearing up the knowledge industry and the strategic industry of Gangwon province including bio technology, medical device, oceanic life, new materila and disaster prenetion, permitted from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy(at present) in 2003.

R&D Support

  • Supporting to make the prototype and to use the public facilities
  • Supporting to search for the R&D project cooperated with industry, academy and lab
  • Supporting to search for the unmanageable technologies of venture/medium&small-sized companies and to dispatch the experts for them
  • Trusting the governmental business(tbi, local innovation manpower training business, etc.)
  • Supporting to search for and commercialize the project in corporation with the foreign research organizations

Policy Support

  • Consulting the business specialized for the fundamental self-governing bodies
  • Supporting to plan the policy of the related organizations
  • Inviting the public fund from the central government
  • Establishing the policy for various outstanding problems

Management Support

  • Supporting to search for the market opportunity, to trust it to the professional organization, and to open the market
  • Supporting to participate in domestic/overseas exhibit
  • Supporting the marketing consultant and the dispatched expert
  • Supporting the tax-related job by using the tax expert pool
  • Supporting to obtain the quality control authorization(ISO, etc.)
  • Supporting the foundation rearing fund (only for the new technology founder)

Training & Education

  • Technology Transfer Expert Education
  • Finance & Account-related Education
  • Marketing Expert Education
  • Management & Technology Strategy Education
  • Inviting the expert for education, seminar and workshop

Technology Transfer

  • Building up the technology related company, organization and person DB
  • Establishing the technology transfer strategy via the portfolio analysis
  • Technology Value Evaluation/Technology Marketing
  • Cooperated R&D Mediation and Commercialization Model Development
  • Supporting the License Contract and the cooperated R&D Contract
  • Supporting to transfer the college technology to the company in cooperation with the RTTC

Information Distribution

  • Creating the public facilities manual and offering the information
  • Building up the unified desk for supporting the company(operating the call center), cooperating to operate 1588-3663
  • Offering the Market/Technology Analysis Report cooperated with KISTI and SRI
  • Operating the meeting system per division for building up the cooperating system with the industry, the academy, the lab and the government
  • Operating the local technology innovation meeting