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Lively Gangwon-do


In the mid-eastern part of the Korean Peninsula

Capital city

Chuncheon (pop. 270,000)




The total land area accounts for 16,874 ㎢, the second largest among 16 Provinces of South Korea.

Administrative Districts

18 administrative districts (7cities and 11 counties)

Higher Education

10 universities and 10 colleges including 6 medical schools

Major Industries

Once known as the largest coal mining area in Korea, the major industries of Gangwon have been based on agriculture, forestry, and fishery. For green growth of Gangwon, we are fostering advanced industries (medical fusion, medical tour), and strategic industries (Bio, Medical instruments, New Materials & disaster prevention, Plasma, etc.).

Industrial complex

1 national industrial complex, 9 general industrial complexes, 23 agro-industrial complexes


Gangwon has Korea's No. 1 tourist destinations which include Pyeongchang, the most popular ski slope in Korea, spectacular East coast seashores and magnificent National Parks, such as, Mt. Surak (1,708m), and Mt. Odae (1,563m), attracting more than 20 million tourists throughout the year.

Great Mountains Music Festival

Pyeongchang is the host site for the Great Mountains International Music Festival with the world's greatest musicians in the middle of the summer.

Winter Olympic Games 2018

Gangwon is challenging again to host the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in its city of Pyeongchang.

Demilitarized Zone

The DMZ is located in the northern end of Gangwon Province, dividing South and North Korea. About 60% of the total DMZ (248km) belongs to Gangwon Province. It is a historical and cultural asset with the beauties of nature untouched by civilians for more than 50 years since the Korean War.